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Juan and Talia Pinnel are husband and wife fine art photographers based in Santa Barbara, California. With their love for photography and vast technical skill, they play with light, color, texture, emotion and movement to capture images that are joyful and elegant. Their editorial vision brings a sense of refinement and style to each photograph. Working closely together, they seamlessly capture consistent images that tell a story in a natural, poetic way.  

Over two decades as a photographer and 15 years of work as a cinematographer have given Juan the knowledge to use photography as a form of art. He creates distinctive, honest imagery through his focus on using natural light and composition as expressive tools. 

Talia’s background in literature and journalism influences how she thoughtfully captures each moment and detail in a heartfelt, cohesive narrative.  In addition to her skills as a photographer, Talia is an expert organizer and stylist who helps coordinate behind the scenes to help couples perfect their creative vision. 

Juan and Talia have travelled all over the world, and their love for exploring new places and cultures keeps their perspective creative and fresh. Their work is inspired by natural beauty and the deep connection they witness in their couples. Their work can be seen in Once Wed, Carats and Cake, Modern Luxury, The Knot, The New York Times, and more!

When they are not photographing people, they love exploring in nature, spending time in the Himalayas with their meditation teachers, cooking amazing food and having dinner parties with dear friends, and growing their record collection.