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Hi! We’re Talia and Juan,

a husband and wife photography team based in California. We met in 2011 while living at a meditation retreat center. Since then we’ve been inseparable and have been immersing ourselves in countless adventures around the world, always with a camera in hand.

We’re inspired by pristine, natural landscapes and places with a sense of magic and wonder. We enjoy exploring, travel, hiking, swimming in the ocean, meditating, laughing with friends, cooking delicious food, and watching old movies, especially French New Wave and independent films.



Photographing weddings gives us the chance to witness love in one of its purest expressions.

Creating beautiful images that inspire and serve as a reminder of humanity’s capacity to love is one of the most valuable ways that we can contribute to our community.

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While studying Journalism in New York City, Talia began taking photos of everything around her. Throughout her many travels and now with Pinnel Photography, she continues to use the camera as a way to illuminate the essence of a person or a place. She is inspired by sweetness, honesty, intensity, and warmth.

In addition to her skills as a photographer, Talia has years of experience in event planning and is an expert organizer who helps coordinate behind the scenes to keep Pinnel Photography running.  She is especially good at connecting with brides and helping them perfect their creative vision, planning, and timing for their wedding day.

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Juan has been shooting photos ever since he received his first compact film camera for his 12th birthday. As his love of photography grew, he decided to attend film school where he studied Cinematography. Juan became a professional Cameraman and Director of Photography in Buenos Aires, his birthplace in Argentina. Juan has received several prizes, including a Martin Fierro Award (Argentina’s Emmy Award) and his work has been exhibited throughout Latin America and in Paris, Lisbon, Rome, and San Francisco.

Pinnel Photography was created to put the years of knowledge and experience that Juan has behind the camera in service of couples. Juan feels that this is a way in which he can support one of the things we all need the most: love.

If you would like to see more of Juan's commercial and personal work, please check out his other website.