Surprise Proposal at Mesa Lane Steps in Santa Barbara

David contacted me to share that he would be spending the weekend in Santa Barbara with his girlfriend and was planning a surprise proposal. We decided that we would meet at Mesa Lane Steps, an intimate, local's beach and David sent me their photo so that I would recognize them. We planned that I would be at the beach before they arrived, unsuspectingly shooting some photos of my wife Talia. 

David and Christine arrived arm in arm and cheerfully began to descend down the Mesa Lane Steps. When they passed right next to us, David and I immediately recognized each other, giving each other a "yeah, this is us" look. After politely saying hi and commenting about the beautiful weather, as you sometimes do with any given stranger, they kept going down and we stayed behind. Slowly and inconspicuously we walked after them, snapping photos as they walked along the beach. If they turned in our direction, Talia would quickly pose, and I would pretend to take her photo. We were giddy with anticipation for what would happen next.

Our plan was that I would give David a call when I saw that they had settled on the beach and were ready for the big moment. So I did, and seconds after David got on his knee and pulled out the ring. A few minutes after the proposal, we came out of our hiding spot and introduced ourselves to Christine. It was incredibly touching to witness and to capture the beginning of a new chapter of their lives together! The couple then spent some time on their own, and when they were ready we shot some more photographs at the beach and later on, in the nearby mountains.